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Unaccompanied minors


Children aged 5 to 12 can travel unaccompanied by a parent.


When requesting permission for transportation of an unaccompanied minor, parents or a guardian shall fill in and sign the Application for the Transportation of an Unaccompanied Minor.


An assistant is provided to maintain an unaccompanied minor at RUE “National Airport Minsk”, who carries out constant supervision of the child before boarding and assists in the passage of pre-flight procedures.


Each unaccompanied minor is given a separate seat and free luggage allowance as far as it is established by the air carrier for the adult passenger.


An unaccompanied minor shall have a special bag with the following documents: air ticket with booking confirmation on all sectors of the flight route, passport, vaccination certificate (for countries where it is required), parents' application.


When boarding, the child will be put under the direct supervision of one of the cabin crew.