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You can get to Minsk National Airport by your personal car from the Minsk Auto Ring Road along the Moscow highway. You should drive to the North-East along M2 for about 15.3 km, than turn right on M2 and then driving for 17.8 km.


The distance from the Minsk Auto Ring Road to Minsk National Airport is 33.1 km that  takes for 30 minutes.


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Additional information


There is petrol station ″Belorusneft″ in 500 meters from the air terminal complex of Minsk National Airport.


Petrol: 95, 92, 80, Diesel Fuel.


Payment: cash (including foreign currency) and noncash (bank cards).


Work hours: 24/7. Breaks: 2100-2110, 2355-0015.






The distance between Minsk National Airport and the nearest metro station ("Uruchie") is 33 km, and between the airport and Minsk’s centre – 42 km.


Trip time: 30-40 minutes.




Car Rent


You can rent a car at Minsk National Airport.