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Assistance in completing the visa application form


         The service “Assistance in completing the visa application form” for foreign citizens while getting the visa in consular point of the airport Tourism department is provided by RUE “National Airport Minsk”.


The price of services includes:

-meeting of passengers with a sign;

-rendering of information and translation services during the period of the passenger in the area of border control;

-completing the visa application form (you need to provide passport information to complete the visa application form);

-Issuing of “The obligatory medical insurance of foreigners and persons without citizenship temporarily staying or living in the Republic of Belarus”insurance policy in advance and getting it immediately upon arrival;

-accompaniment to the photo booth and assistance in obtaining the photos;

-accompaniment to the cash machine;

-preparation of additional documents for submission to the consular office (filling in the migration card, providing copies of the travel contract, payment documents)



Name of the service

Cost (BYN)

Cost (BYN) 

for persons under 16

Assistance in completing the visa application form
















Thanks to our service, you will considerably reduce the time expenditures and speed up visa issuing.

         Please, contact the tourism department by phone or e-mail to order the service.

Contact number: sector 1-2: (+37517)2792305, (+37533)9017119; sector 5-6 (+37517)2791748, (+37533)9017118.

Fax: (+37517)2792305. E-mail: