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Rendering a conference hall rent service
at RUE «Minsk National Airport»


     RUE «National Airport Minsk» gives a unique chance of using conference service which is the organization of business meetings, negotiations, conferences with business partners in the meeting room and the high comfort room, which are located on the 2nd floor of the airport in the CIP-lounge.
     Thanks to our conference services you will not be needed to leave the airport for meetings with business partners, that will reduce considerably the time and financial costs connected with hotel transfer and accommodation of your guests.
     Meeting room is the perfect place for business meetings at the airport with number of participants up to 15 people. Restraint and elegance in the design of the room create cozy, but at the same time official atmosphere.





Name of the service



Rendering a conference hall rent service
at RUE «Minsk National Airport»






The COST of CONFERENCE SERVICE is 400,000 BYR for 1 hour


     Coffee, tea, water, alcohol drinks and light snacks are offered for clients in the high comfort room for extra payment. Also there is a possibility of watching TV, visiting toilet room (it is equipped with a shower) during the coffee break.





      If you decide to use our service, it is necessary to coordinate with us the date, the time and the number of participants by filling and sending the order to our address by fax or e-mail in advance. You will receive confirmation of service booking according to contact information specified in the order.

     Payment: either in cash (at the airport), or non-cash payment.

Contacts: Gate 1-2: (+375 17) 279 23 05, (+375 29) 175 17 21; Gate 5-6: (+375 17) 279 17 48, (+375 29) 175 15 57.
Fax: (+375 17) 279 23 05.