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For the purpose of passengers’ safe and comfortable stay on the monitored territory of National Airport Minsk the following rules have been worked out:


- Please follow all the instructions of the Airport staff


- Please present your passport, ID or air tickets upon request of the authorized Airport staff or law enforcement officers


-  Under age passengers (children) must be accompanied by adult persons


-  Please present your baggage or carry-on baggage to the authorized staff of the Airport or law enforcement officers for examination upon request


- Smoking (consuming) tobacco is allowed only in special smoking areas and smoking rooms


- It is prohibited to cause damage to other passengers, their baggage and carry-on baggage, to an Aircraft crew, Airport or Aircraft infrastructure. Any caused damage must be reimbursed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus


- It is prohibited to stay on the monitored territory of National Airport Minsk under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants


- It is prohibited to carry hazardous materials into the monitored territory of National Airport Minsk



Air transport passengers are prohibited to accept suitcases, parcels and other items from unknown persons for transportation on board of an aircraft, or for temporary storage in concourses and in the surrounding area.


Aviation security and regime service reminds that: 

- for safety reasons all the abandoned items found in the Airport building and on the surrounding territory are considered to be potentially dangerous;

- in case of an abandoned item discovery please do not touch it, do not try to move or interact with it in any other way, do not use mobile phones at the distance of less than 50 meters;

- please inform a law enforcement officer, an airport employee at the security checkpoints or any airport employee about abandoned items discovery.


For committing any socially dangerous acts at the Airport or on board of an aircraft, for the violation of aviation security requirements passengers may be held criminally or administratively liable in accordance with the established procedure and the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus or the country of destination. Also such passengers may be barred from being rendered services on the territory of National Airport Minsk.