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Passengers with reduced mobility


Dear passengers!


If you need special services and assistance at the airport as well as during the flight, be sure to mention it when booking and buying an air ticket.


In case of booking and buying an air ticket (e-ticket) through the airline's website, you should contact the specialist of the sales office of your airline and inform them that you need an assistance at the airport.


The final decision about the possibility of the transportation of a passenger with reduced mobility will be made by an airline representative.


The minimum period for notification about the need of special assistance is 48 hours prior the time of departure/arrival specified in the ticket.


The conditions of transportation.

The conditions of transportation of passengers with reduced mobility should be clarified at the airline company where you purchase an air ticket. You can find contact information and web site links of airlines here


 Entrance and car parking at the airport


For cars with passengers with reduced mobility, parking spaces are allocated and indicated on the landside area opposite the entrances to the 1-2 and 5-6 arrival sectors and at the guarded paid park.


The first 4 hours of parking/stay at the landside area or at the guarded paid park are free of charge for the following types of vehicles:

- controlled by a disabled persons of groups I and II, group III with muscle-skeleton disorders;

- carrying out disabled persons of I and II group, disabled children, disabled persons of III group with muscle-skeleton disorders;

- participants of the Great Patriotic War;

- veterans of combat operations on the territory of other states;


with mandatory submission of relevant documents.

The documents are presented to the controller in the pavilion at the exit from the guarded paid parking lot or from the controlled territory of the landside area.


Parking/stay over 4 hours is paid on common basis in accordance with the established tariffs


To get more detailed information about car parking conditions you can contact us:

- using the "Help" button when entering the landside area at the post before the barrier;

- by phone numbers +375 (33) 300 10 19, +375 (33) 629 57 55 (administrator of the parking).



Airport escort

If it is necessary to accompany passengers with reduced mobility by airport employees (from you arrival at the air terminal complex to boarding) or provide other assistance, you should contact us by one of the following ways:


At the arrival lounges (1st floor)

 Please use the radio information at Meeting point stand (entrance 1-2, to the left of the column)




At the departure lounge (3rd floor)

-  Please use the radio information at Meeting point stand (entrance 3, to the right of the check-in desk No. 43 near the column);





-  Please contact the information desk (entrance 2, opposite the check-in desk No. 22, 23)


RUE “National Airport Minsk” has the following equipment for handling of passengers with reduced mobility:


1.    Specially equipped toilets located on the entire territory of the air terminal complex in accordance with the map of the airport

2.    Wheelchairs for passengers handling on the air terminal complex and aircraft:


- a folding wheelchair AMWC18RAEL with hand drive, detachable armrests  and adjustable incline of detachable footboards (made in the USA);


- S-max wheelchair (made in UK). Stairs, borders and other thresholds and obstacles will not become  a surprise for you and won’t spoil your trip. This wheelchair will ease the lifting and lowering of a passengers up/down the steps.

- a special wheelchair Columbia Aviator Series AisleMaster, designed to transport passengers with reduced mobility in aviation, rail, sea or other types of transport, where there are narrow passages between rows of seats or limited volumetric spaces in which the use of general means of transportation is impossible.




3.    Ambulift

To improve the quality of service, a special machine is used for transportation and boarding of passengers with reduced mobility - ambulift.




4. Platform for the visually inclined guide open type, located near the stairs to the room of mother and child and 1,2,3,4,6 gate.




5. For more convenience, passengers with disabilities can enjoy a spacious panoramic lifts, located in the airport complex, and a panoramic passenger lift, capacity 800 kg, a 6-gate, which has a width convenient for travel stroller.




In 2019, the project of a barrier-free environment for the blind and visually impaired persons was implemented in the airport terminal. The project includes:

1.    Floor tactile guides and warning elements on the 1st and 3rd floors in free area of the terminal. It allows disabled people to go to the most frequently used infrastructure facilities;


2.    Mimic diagrams on the 1st and 3rd floors in free area of the airport terminal, allowing people to navigate the location of infrastructure objects;


3.    Mimic diagrams with Braille  near all sanitary conveniences equipped for disabled persons;


4.    Sound-speech informants that provide sound information about the location of a particular infrastructure object by connecting with a smartphone through the BuzzPoint app. 



Airport staff should:


-  provide assistance to arriving/departing passengers with reduced mobility 24/7;

- arrange the provision of wheelchairs (in case of need);

- escort a passenger;

- provide assistance during the border and customs control and other formalities;

- arrange the provision of medical transport for the transportation of the passenger to the aircraft (in case of need);

- provide assistance during the boarding;

- provide assistance during check-in of the passenger’s baggage.



We recommend you to inform a sales manager of a chosen airline about the necessity of special assistance during the flight, when booking and buying a ticket.


 The minimum period for notification of needed assistance is 48 hours before the departure/arrival time specified in the ticket.


Airport information service: (+375 17) 279 13 00, (+375 17) 279 17 30, 211 (MTS, Life, A1) – charged call.


Have a pleasant flight!