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Online check-in


Don’t waste your time for registration at the airport! You can do it before arriving to the airport using mobile phone, computer, smartphone or tablet.


Online check-in is an easy and fast procedure, which takes a couple of minutes, besides, you can choose your seat. To do this you need to visit your airline’s website and check-in online. At the end you’ll receive a mobile boarding pass or it will be sent to your e-mail.


If you’ve received your boarding pass by e-mail, you can print it out, but it is not obligatory. As you arrive to the airport, you need to go to the check-in desk, tell that you have already checked in and present your passport and baggage. Your name will be on the list and the boarding pass printing will take just a few seconds.


If you received a notice of registration on your mobile phone or tablet in form of a barcode, the procedure is the same.


For online check-in, please, visit the website of the airline you are traveling with (if such service is available).