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A mother-and-child room, guest rooms



There is a special room for passengers with children at National Airport Minsk. The room is situated on the 4th floor, in the Sector 1-2. At the passengers’ disposal there is a double room with an air conditioner, as well as a shared electronics-equipped kitchen, a lavatory and a shower rooms.


To use the mother-and-child room passengers should have passports and tickets. The mother-and-child room is available for outbound passengers with children under 7 years old.


Mother-and-child room



Cost of accommodation in the double room (per person per day)

35 BYN



1. VAT is applied to the abovementioned tariffs in accordance with current tax legislation.
2. Payment for accommodation in mother-and-child room is defined on the basis of the applicable tariff and the number of overnights.
3. Cost of meal is not included into the tariff.



Guest rooms


Passengers waiting for a flight can use the services of guest rooms. There are rooms for 1/2/4 persons each with an air conditioner and a TV-set, as well as shared shower room and lavatory.


Room type Price of stay (per person), BYN
Single 55
Double 45
Quadruple 35



1. Cash payment is made only in Belarussian rubles. Cashless and bank card payments are made in Belarussian rubles.
2. The tariffs above include 20 % VAT.
3. Cost of meal is not included into the tariff.



Guest rooms are located on the 4th floor in the left wing of the sector 1-2.
Opening hours: 24 hours a day.
Tel. (+375 17) 279 18 17.

Check in depends on rooms availability.