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Dear passengers!


A state-owned pharmacy of the 5th category of republican unitary enterprise “BELFARMATSIYA” can be found in the departure zone (on the left side of the 1st check-in desk).


Republican Unitary Enterprise of Commerce and Production “BELFARMATSIYA” is the largest public enterprise in the Republic of Belarus dealing with providing the general public with medicines and medical products, including the ones provided at reduced rates and free of charge. RUE “BELFARMATSIYA” provides information services to the residents and guests of the Republic of Belarus and guarantees pharmaceutical order and quality of public pharmaceutical supply. 

The pharmacy accepts payments in cash and by card. In order to improve the availability of pharmaceuticals for certain population groups, RUE “BELFARMATSIYA” provides a 5% discount from the retail price for the entire range of pharmaceutical products produced by domestic manufacturers if they are sold to the following groups:

- senior citizens; 

- disabled people;

- family with multiple children;

- children under 3.


Opening hours: 24/7

Breaks: 0430-0445, 0850-09001240- 1300; 1645- 1700, 1915-1930, 2050-2100, 2355-0015.