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Dear passengers!


To get more detailed information about tariffs for service in the Hall for Officials and Delegations: 
tel. (+375 17) 279 19 41 - specialist of the Department for passenger services, mob. +375 33 901 73 33 (24-hours).


How to organize your stay comfortable at the airport?


You and your accompany can use services for CIP-persons (Commercial Important Persons). It is available in the Hall for Officials and Delegations (CIP-lounge) of National Airport Minsk.


Regardless of a flight and ticket-class, you and your accompany can use services for CIP-persons in CIP-lounge, which is designed to provide personal service for a passenger. Lounge is equipped with personal zones, bar, telephone and Internet network. 


CIP-lounge serves passengers with tickets on departure day, meeting and seeing off persons with identify documents. Service is based on a written application (for cash payment - you should fill an application form the one day before your flight; for clearing settlement – you need to fill an application 3 days before your departure).


Note! Dear passengers! You can get only business-visa in CIP-lounge. Touristic visa can’t be issued.

Visas can be issued only for passengers, who arrived to Belarus through international flights. Foreign citizens arrived from Russian Federation can get visa in other way established by legislation.






Note! If you purchased a business-class ticket and checked in for a flight in general order, so you would be invited to Business-lounge. There you will be offered snacks and drinks that are included in your ticket price. CIP-lounge services are paid separately.


Service for departing passengers in CIP-lounge. How is it?

On your departure’s day your personal agent will be waiting for you at reception desk. An agent performs all the procedures for your flight (accepts your documents and baggage, fulfills all your needs, clarifies placement of your baggage in aircraft cabin).


After check-in you will follow to lounge zone. When you pass all the procedures (passport control, customs, sanitary, inspection of aviation security service), you will be invited on board. On board you will be transferred with individual transport or escort through individual boarding gate (in case if boarding is organized through airsteps). All necessary information will be provided by your agent.


Service for arriving passengers in CIP-lounge. How is it?

Your personal agent will meet you with a special greeting sign near airstairs. You will be taken to CIP-lounge. There an agent will provide post-flight issuance, baggage delivery and loading it into vehicle (on passenger’s request).


The cost of service includes meal, drinks and Belarussian alcohol. If you want to eat hot meal, so you need to pre-order it (tel. +375 17 279 19 78). Cold snacks and pastry are provided without a request.


Staying in VIP-lounge is limited. You can be there only for 3 (three) hours, each extra hour is paid separately according to the current rates on service day.


Full list of services in CIP-lounge:

- individual check-in of a passenger and his/her baggage;

- informing visitors about departure/arrival time of aircraft;

meeting of passengers at airstairs of aircraft or in lounge; individual transport provision with accompaniment to lounge or on board;

provision of comfortable waiting area;

organization of sanitary, customs and border control;

provision of security screening by Aviation Security service officer;

baggage delivery to lounge/ to vehicle (available on request);

control of baggage pieces, issuance and loading of baggage on aircraft;

taxi (available on request);

baggage packaging (on-request with separate charge);

provision of the latest press, magazines, catalogs etc.

submitting of access cards to the Internet through wi-fi technology (free of charge);

meal provision according menu (an order is taken not later than 2 (two) hours before food delivery to a passenger);

provision of telephone and fax;

 assistance to a passenger in getting of health insurance;

provision of necessary information (on-request);

those passengers who paid for CIP-lounge services have an opportunity to use Conference room.


Tariffs for services at the Hall of Officials and Delegations



CIP-lounge usage




by departing/ arriving passengers

per one person



during 3 hours



for each next hour







by departing/ arriving passengers in case of their staying in individual rooms

per one person



during 3 hours



for each next hour







by seeing off/ meeting persons

per one person



during 3 hours



for each next hour







providing of agent’s services in visa processing at the Consular department of the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the Republic of Belarus for arriving passenger

per 1 (one) service supply



Payment for services in CIP-lounge is made only in Belarusian rubles at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on a date of services. Payments in foreign currencies (Euro, USD, Russian rubles) are accepted only in non-cash payment from legal non-resident entities of the Republic of Belarus.



1.Tariff for CIP-lounge services includes meal price and free access to the Internet through wi-fi

2. In cases of:

- cancellation of application (for service in the CIP-lounge) in the beginning of service,

-  absence of persons who must have been served without prior notice, payment is determined by 20% of the services cost, which is planned in application form. Amount is deducted from deposit paid by a customer.

3. VAT is applied to the above mentioned rates according to current tax legislation.

4. Children of two years old and downward are served for free.


If you want to order services, please, send a request (payment: noncash transaction/ cash /cards: BelCard, Visa, Master Card, American express), fax +375 17 279 13 98, e-mail:


For extra charge you have an opportunity to visit a bar for official delegations. A bar offers various menu, which consists of alcoholic and soft drinks, coffee and tea, snacks and desserts, own produced pastry etc. The payment is made by cash (BYN) and cards. An order is taken not later than 2 (two) hours before food delivery to a passenger. If you want to order services, please, contacts us:

tel.: +375 17 279 19 78






For non-cash payment in a bar you need to sign a catering contract (more information +375 17 279 14 46) or to send letter of guarantee addressed to the Head of Catering service (tel./ fax +375 17 279 13 28/ +375 17 279 19 78).


Letter of guarantee includes:

- date of departure/ arrival;

- time of departure/ arrival;


- person’s quantity (passengers and accompany);

requisites of a customer.


You can discuss both menu and service with administrator of Catering service: tel. +375 17 279 19 78 (24/7).

Location: left wing of the terminal, 1st - 3rd floor.

Open hours: 24/7


Please, contact us:

·  tel./ fax +375 17 279 13 98 - for service requests;

·  +375 17 279 19 41 - specialist of the Department on the organization of passenger service;

·  mobile +375 33 901 73 33 – available 24/7;

·  +375 17 279 10 85, +375 17 279 17 19 – accountant.



We’ll be glad to see You in CIP-lounge of National Airport Minsk!