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Dear car drivers and airport visitors!

Stopping and parking vehicles, as well as passengers’ pick-up and drop-offin the landside area are allowed at the signposted places in accordance with the traffic rules.




Dear car owners!


We inform you about the new rules of entry and exit of vehicles to/from the landside area:



In order to enhance the aviation security for a comfortable stay of vehicle owners on the monitored territory of the air-terminal complex landside area (hereinafter – MTATCLA), in order to reroute road traffic on MTATCLA and relieve it from vehicles, as well as to streamline the movement of taxis, the rules of vehicles stay on the MTATCLA have been changed:


When visiting the MTATCLA for the first or second time during a calendar day vehicles are provided with non-chargeable (free) stay for 20 minutes from the entry moment. The following visits to the MTATCLA within a calendar day are charged from the entry moment and are to be paid in the amount of 10,00 BYN for each hour of stay. A part hour stay on the monitored territory is rounded up to a whole hour. The payment is to be made in the automatic pay-boxes in the customer self-service mode (or in the exit point booth).


FOR FREE OF CHARGE EXIT we strongly recommend not to exceed the specified time limit to leave the monitored territory of the landside area before the expiry of the first 20 minutes and not to enter the MTATCLA more than 2 times within 1 calendar day.


For entering the monitored territory:

1. Press the “TICKET” button on the automated stand.

2. Get a ticket with a barcode.

3. Wait until the barrier boom lifts completely and enter the controlled territory.




For leaving the monitored territory:

1. Insert the ticket with a barcode in the intake of the automated stand, or put it against the scanning device.

2. Wait until the information is read and withdraw the ticket from the intake.

3. In case of exceeding the limit (20 minutes) or in the case of the third and following visits to the monitored territory within one calendar day, a payment for the vehicle’s stay on the MTATCLA is to be made.

4. Wait until the barrier boom lifts completely and leave the monitored territory.

5. In case of a need to get support information, please press the «HELP» button and wait for the response of the operator or dial the phone number specified at the stand (automatic pay-box).


The automatic pay-boxes, situated in the landside area and assigned for making payments for the services of vehicles stay on the monitored territory in the customer self-service mode, accept only new (since 2009) bank notes: from 50 kopecks to 100 BYN inclusive.    


You can also pay for this service by a bank card in the automatic pay-boxes or in the booth at the point of exit from the monitored territory to the parking supervisor.


For passengers with reduced mobility:

The payment for the parking services or for the vehicle stay in the landside area is not charged during the first 4 hours of the vehicle parking / stay:

- in case the vehicle is driven by a person of disabilitycategory I and II, a person of category III disability with locomotor disorders;

- in case the vehicle is transporting persons ofdisability category I and II, persons of category III disability with locomotor disorders, disabled children;

- in case the vehicle is driven by a participant in the Great Patriotic War;

- in case the vehicle is driven by a veteran of combat operations on the territory of other countries.

under the condition of compulsory presenting the corresponding documents

The documents are presented to the supervisor in the booth at the exit from the monitored territory.

The administrator’s telephone numbers: +375 (33) 629 57 55.



Dear car drivers!


When approaching the automated control system of vehicles’ entry/exit please control the speed of your vehicle in accordance with the road signs and the traffic rules of the Republic of Belarus. Failure to comply with these conditions may lead to an accident and a damage of your vehicle.


For the convenience of passengers in the National Airport Minsk landside area, a chargeable guarded parking lot for 138 car slots has been arranged.Tariff for vehicle storage in the amount of 2,00 BYN per hour from the entry moment is applied. You can pay for the service of vehicle storage in the automatic pay-boxes in the landside area in the customer self-service mode (or in the exit point booth).


Also there is a chargeable guarded parking lot for 1235 car slots  and a temporary area with an artificial turf for 1579 car slots for storage of vehicles at the airport, the location map is listed below.


In order to improve the quality of services and reduce the service time, we recommend you to pay for the vehicles stay on theMTATCLA at the automatic cash desks!!!



If the circumstances do not allow you to use public transport and you have decided to come to the airport by a private car, we suggest that you should do this in advance in order to solve the issues related to the parking of your vehicle and to check-in  in due time. You can findthelocationof the chargeableparking lots on the scheme above.