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In case of unforeseen (emergency) circumstances, please stay calm and ask for help from an Airport representative. Our staff is always ready to come to your aid and to apply best efforts.


Medical aid will be provided to you at the Airport’s first-aid station, situated on the 1-st level of the left wing of the air-terminal complex near sector 1-2. In case emergency medical care is required, please call the ambulance at the phone number 103 or at the phone numbers of the Airport’s first-aid station (+375 17) 279 19 44, (+375 17) 279 10 44, the mobile phone number of a duty doctor: +375 (29) 700-36- 07.


The fire-fighting service callout is made at the internal phone number 01 or at (+375 17) 279 13 13 (emergency search and rescue flight support), or at the landline phone number 101.


The Police officers are on duty 24/7 on the territory of the air-terminal complex. The police duty room is situated in the left wing of the air-terminal complex. Contact phone number (+375 17) 279 10 02.


The solution of issues related to passport regulations is implemented by the staff of the Border Control Department.   Contact phone number (+375 17) 279 17 35


Regarding the issues related to obtaining an entry visa to the Republic of Belarus please call the Foreign Admissions Division of the Consular Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, situated in the Airport, at the phone number

(+375 17) 279 20 58.

If you are late for check-in please apply to the air ticket office of a corresponding airline situated in the air-terminal complex of the Airport, or contact the representative of your airline in case there is no corresponding air ticket office.


In the case of baggage non-arrival or damage please apply to an operator of the baggage handling department services of airlines or to your airline representative.


Should there be any other issues in the Airport you can:


- ask for help from an Airport employee standing at the Information desk on the 3-rd level in front of the check‑in desks No. 22, No. 23;

- use the Radiohelp devices installed across the whole air-terminal complex;

- call (+375 17) 279 13 00, (+375 17) 279 17 30, 211 (MTC, Life, Velcom) - charged call.


Regarding the issues related to safe travel abroad please consult at the phone number 113 (landline phone number) or 8-801-201-5555 (MTC, Velcom). 



Air transport passengers are prohibited to accept suitcases, parcels and other items from unknown persons for transportation on board of an aircraft, or for temporary storage in concourses and in the surrounding area.


Aviation security and regime service reminds that: 

- for safety reasons all the abandoned items found in the Airport building and on the surrounding territory are considered to be potentially dangerous;

- in case of an abandoned item discovery please do not touch it, do not try to move or interact with it in any other way, do not use mobile phones at the distance of less than 50 meters;

- please inform a law enforcement officer, an airport employee at the security checkpoints or any airport employee about abandoned items discovery.


For committing any socially dangerous acts at the Airport or on board of an aircraft, for the violation of aviation security requirements passengers may be held criminally or administratively liable in accordance with the established procedure and the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus or the country of destination.