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   It is said that the baggage is lost quite often at the airports. Is it real and what to do if such trouble has for all that happened?


Our answer:


Actually, such cases occur rarely. The nowadays baggage check-in system allows to attach firmly as well as special baggage labels that are put on handles, so additional tear-off slips with the bar-code of a passenger route. The advantage of such slip is that they are made from rather strong material which doesn't allow them to come unstuck.


But if the baggage has already lost it will be possible to read out by what plane and in what direction the baggage had to be sent with the help of the scanner from additional slips at the airport where it had been found. In this case the owner of the baggage will be found quickly.


If the passenger hasn’t found the suitcase upon arrival at the airport, he has to go to the lost and found at first.



  For example, here is a such situation:  I’m flying transit, the connection time is minimum. If  I am  late on the other plane because of a carrier guilt, who should compensate the expenses (in particular, cost of air ticket on connection  flight)?


- If there is a small delay, 10-20 minutes, the following air carrier can wait for transit passengers. In that case you will arrive at the destination without considerable losses of time.


But if the delay is more considerable, and on the following flight also there are transit passengers, the plane will depart according to the schedule. In this case the representative of airline will prepare options of other connections  and  flights, which could suit the passenger even before landing at the transit airport – this will be done at the expense of airline. If you wish to depart, for example, next day, the airline is also obliged to provide you free of charge accommodation  in a hotel, delivery to the  hotel and back, and also meals.


  How to be with a baby carriage at delivery of baggage?


- Many airlines give opportunity of delivery of a baby carriage in baggage just before an entrance to the aircraft. We pay your attention that requirements of airlines to transportation can differ therefore for specification of details you should address to the representative of airline. Phone number of the representative of airline is specified in the air ticket.


  It is possible to pay parking services in Russian rubles or for a plastic card?


- Service of parking can be paid only in Belarusian rubles or by means of a bank plastic card.


  We together with a family go on a rest. What to do with a beach umbrella? It is possible to take it with itself in the plane as a hand luggage?


- In aircraft salon the transportation of such subjects is forbidden. According to the decision of the representative of airline the beach umbrella can be issued as a hand luggage and to be transported in a luggage compartment of the aircraft. For specification of this information we recommend to contact with the representative of the airline which phone number is specified in the air ticket in advance.


  Can I transport in my baggage the pneumatic weapon and gas cylinders to it? What features of procedure of examination in this situation are?


- It is allowed to transport in the baggage an air gun, but only without gas cylinders. On baggage examination you have to warn employees of the airport that you are transport the pneumatic weapon. On the gun there has to be the document confirming that the weapon isn't firearms.


  Where it is possible to receive the information about the cost of the air ticket and to get it?


- RUE «National Airport Minsk» doesn't sell air tickets. The cost of air tickets and a place of their sales you can receive on the Internet site or by phone of that airline which services you decided to use.


  May I meet at the airport the relative who flies through Minsk by means of transit flight? 


- Registration on a flight usually begins in 2 hours and comes to an end in 45 minutes before a departure. At this time you can meet the relative if he has a visa to Republic of Belarus or he doesn't need the visa to Republic of Belarus.


  Where I can spend the night at the airport? 


- In the building of air terminal of the National airport Minsk (the 4th floor, the left wing) for the rest of passengers the hotel rooms and «The room of mother and child» are working (for passengers with children to 8 years – one double room, cost of one place in it makes 20 BYN). Services are rendered in them round the clock.


The cost of a hotel room per day makes:


single room – 45 BYN;

one place in a double room – 35 BYN;

one place in four-seater room – 25 BYN.


It is possible to pay for services by bank card.  The hotel rooms can't be booked. There is no departure and arrival schedule in a hotel. Time of hotel accommodation is paid proceeding from a difference between arrival time in a hotel and departure time from a hotel. Additional information can be received by phone: +375 (17) 279 18 17.


The cost of sleepbox makes:


Sleepbox accommodation within 3 hours - 20 USD, for every subsequent hour 7 USD.



  May I make a reservation in a parking?


- Today the software excludes procedure of booking of places as motor transport entrance on the territory of parking is carried out by the automated system without personnel participation. To learn about empty seats on paid parking, you can call the administrator by phones: +375 (17) 279 18 80, +375 (29) 116 45 43, +375 (33) 300 10 19.


Additional information can be found also on www.


  Where it is possible to receive information on arriving charter flights?


- Information on charter flights can be received on www. You can see it in the electronic schedule of flights on our Web-site. We remind that charter flights can be cancelled and be transferred depending on loading of aircrafts. Therefore such flights can't be included in the seasonal schedule of flights. Specialists of the airport often receive information on time of a departure or an arrival of a charter flight (aircraft type) a day before a departure, and sometimes later. Information on charter flights you can receive in the National airport Minsk by phones: +375 (17) 279 13 00; +375 (17) 279 17 30. Any other information on charter flights you can receive at the office of your travel agency.


  I want to cross a border between the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus according to the internal Russian passport. May I make it? Whether the mark in the passport will be given at passport control? Do I have to be insured on an arrival to Belarus?


- It is possible to arrive to Belarus according to the internal Russian passport. No problems when passing passport control will arise. The mark about passing of passport control also won't be put. Besides, citizens of the Russian Federation don't fall under obligatory insurance on an arrival to Republic of Belarus therefore they aren't obliged to insure the life.


  What documents are necessary when crossing border with a sick animal? In Belarus it is planned to treat the pet and to take away back.


- To bring the pet to Belarus on treatment, it is necessary to have the following documents on the animal:


1. The certificate of inoculations;

2. The passport of an animal;

3. The blood test on the maintenance of antibodies (if you plan to take out it back);

4. The reference from the veterinarian, given out in a day-two before a departure to Belarus (instead of the reference from the veterinarian there will be enough stamp in the passport of an animal that shortly before a trip to other country the doctor had an animal and it is clinically healthy (even despite an illness);


The animal surely has to have a microchip.


On an arrival to Belarus the passenger with the pet will be met by the staff of Service of veterinary supervision on frontier and transport. They will check existence of documents.

Let's note that after treatment of an animal for a departure from Belarus during the day - two it is necessary to receive in the state veterinary clinic the Veterinary certificate for the European Union countries (in case an animal brought from the European Union countries). You can receive additional information in Service of veterinary supervision on frontier and transport by phone: +375 (17) 279 12 15.


 Where it is possible to get the information about the cost of the air ticket and to get it?

-To find out the cost of the ticket and buy it on-line on web-site of RUE «National Airport Minsk», please follow the link

The cost of air tickets and a place of their sales can be either received on the web-site or by phone of that airline which services you decided to use.