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Sea Transportation


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Direct cooperation with numerous sea agents in the Baltic States and the CIS gives our clients and us additional advantages from the point of price and quality of transportation. It allows us to provide high quality service at reasonable tariffs for the sea transportation.

Sea transportation is irreplaceable in case of intercontinental delivery. Unlike the road transportation, which sometimes could be the only kind of transportation acceptable for some countries and continents, the sea transportation does not have any restrictions regarding the volume and dimensions of the transported cargo.  Moreover, this type of transportation is usually more cost-saving.

The Transport & Forwarding Department offers the following services in the sphere of sea cargo transportation:

·         “Door to door” delivery;

·         Full load of different container types;

·         Combined load and consolidation in different countries.

The main advantages of sea transportation are:

·         Opportunity to deliver large shipments (including containers, large-sized and oversized cargoes);

·         Intercontinental routes;

·         Low tariffs (in comparison with air and road transportation).