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Transportation APLICATION FORM (download) 


The Transport & Forwarding Department realizes import, export, and transit road transportation under different delivery conditions including “door to door”. We work out optimal routes to provide our customers an opportunity to deliver cargo on time on beneficial terms.

We will calculate the road transportation cost. Our specialists will contact you and work out the most optimal variant of route and road transportation.

Kinds of cargo transported by road

Our department realizes the transportation of the following cargos:

·         complex;

·         combined;

·         dangerous;

·         fluid;

·         oversized;

·         heavy;

·         refrigerator (providing the required temperature regyme).


Different types of vehicles are used depending on type of cargo, its dimensions and other features. To transport goods by road, different vehicles are used:

  • tented trucks;
  • all-metal vehicles;
  • refregerators  (maintaining temperature regime);
  • container vehicles;
  • special rolling stock for dangerous, large-size, heavy goods transportation (ADR).




We cooperate with a large number of companies which have their own autoparks, so we have various vehicles at our disposal practically in unlimited number. This allows us to perform the transportation of all types of cargoes in any quantities to all countries.   

Useful information:

·         Motor transport is usually used for short haul transportation of cargo. One of advantages of this kind of transport is its high manoeuvrability.

  • The developed agent net both within the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in foreign countries allows to deliver goods to any destination all over the world.