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Air Transportation


Transportation APLICATION FORM (download)


Cargo transportation by air is one of the key activities of our centre. To work in this direction we’ve created a team of qualified specialists.

We have good business contacts with airlines as well as global agents. All this allows us to accomplish the air transportation practically to any airport of the world under any delivery conditions, including “door-to-door”.

Provided services:

Execution of documents:

·  advanced booking of cargo;

·  AWB, HAWB execution;

·  Declaration and customs clearance.

Shipment tracking:

·  tracking;

·  information on shipment status;

Additional services:

·  insurance;

·  consulting;

·  customs clearance / transit;

·  consolidation / de-consolidation;

·  storage at TSW and customs warehouse.


Dangerous goods transportation: specialists of transport and logistic centre have got IATA DG Transportation Certificates.

Useful information:

Stowing dimensions:

Thanks to modern equipment, the TLC of RUE “National Airport Minsk” can do the handling of air cargo items with weight up to 7 tons per item as well as heavy cargos with weight up to 8 tons per item arriving by road. 

In case of heavy cargo transportation, please contact in advance to specify the dimensions of the cargo.

How ship the cargo:

To ship the cargo you should either fill in the application form or contact our specialist.

How calculate the transportation cost:

The transportation cost depends on type of cargo, its weight, flight route, urgency, etc. As a rule, the cost of transportation can be calculated as follows:

cost = tariff per 1kg of paid weight * X kg + additional charges (security charge, fuel charge, charge for AWB execution, special charges).

* paid weight –  either gross weight or volume weight depending on what weight is greater. The volume weight is calculated according to IATA rules 1:6, (i.e. cargo with volume 1 mshall be paid for as for not less than 167 kg).