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Lost & Found Service


If you cannot find your baggage in baggage claim area, please, follow these steps:

1. Stay in the baggage claim area.

2. Find “Lost & Found” desk (arrival zone of international flights). If there is no such desk, find the airline representative of your flight or an employee of the airport, who is present in the baggage claim area. Please note that all responsibility for lost baggage rests with the airline that brought the passenger to the final destination of air transportation.

3. Make a document for lost baggage in 2 copies (one for the airline, the other for you) with information about you and baggage tag information (claim ticket should be on your boarding pass). The document should contain the following information:  your flight, shape, material, color, size, manufacturer of bag/suitcase, baggage tag with your name on it.

4. If your baggage or its parts have not arrived, we recommend you filling in customs declaration at the red channel of customs.

5. When lost baggage is found an airline representative or an airport employee will call you and inform about the time of delivery of your baggage. Delivery of rush baggage (earlier lost) is free of charge.


· Baggage tracing is performed with the help of the international automated system World Tracer, which allows tracking the location and movement of baggage in the world.


Please note, that “Lost and Found” Service of RUE “National Airport Minsk” provides its services using global system World Tracer for the following airlines:




You can check the status of your baggage: click on the airline logo and enter the file number for tracking or editing.


We are always at your service – 24/7/365.