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Baggage allowances


Dear passengers! Please note that each airline sets its own criteria for oversized baggage depending on the characteristics of the aircraft performing transportation.


Be sure to consult with your airline about the norms of free baggage allowance. Usually business class passengers can take an average of about 40 kg, and economy class passengers — 20 kg of baggage. As a rule cabin baggage in business class, does not exceed 10-15 kg, and in economy class – 8 kg.


Excess baggage is the baggage with weight or number exceeding the baggage allowance set by the airline for your class of service.


Payment for excess baggage should be made in cash (3rd floor of the air terminal complex) according to the tariffs of the airline performing transportation. After the payment, you will obtain a receipt of paid baggage, which should be presented to the employee at the check-in desk, after which you will be issued your boarding pass.


The following dimensions for baggage are accepted for handling at National Airport Minsk:

Maximum dimension

Standard-sized baggage, mm

Oversized baggage, mm










Weight, kg



In case your baggage exceeds fixed dimensions, you should bring it to a special check-in desk for oversized baggage (3rd floor of the air terminal complex to the left of the first check-in desk).


Transportation of oversized baggage is paid according to its actual weight.


Before checking-in oversized baggage:

· fasten handles, slings and straps together

· remove long shoulder straps


It is recommended to check-in your baggage not later than 1 hour before the departure of your flight.


In case dimensions of oversized baggage exceed maximum specified above, its security check and loading on an aircraft board should be coordinated with the representatives of the airport and airline at the check-in desk.