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A new automated system for baggage handling is installed at National Airport Minsk. A computer system for automatic sorting of baggage with the help of baggage tags for a particular flight considerably improves the entire technological process of baggage loading on the aircraft, virtually eliminating the cases of its loss or the need to rush it due to the late loading.


During baggage check in it is forbidden to place the following things on conveyor belt:

- items that can slide: tubes, balls, round bags;

- too soft or unsteady items, such as plastic bags;

- fragile items: electronic equipment, glass;

- animals;

- metal trolleys for bags;

- bags with long, free-hanging straps (long straps should be removed, and the handles fastened together).


There shouldn’t be any tags or bar codes on your baggage from previous flights.

For a convenient transportation, you may use baggage trolleys for FREE. 



Storage rooms of RUE “National Airport Minsk” are on the underground floor at gate 6 of the airport terminal. Before luggage receiving for storage it must be subjected security inspection. The security staff call button is indicated on the diagram.


In order to keep your baggage clean while its transportation, you can use baggage-wrapping counters, which are located on the 3rd floor at the departure area of the air terminal complex.


On arriving to National Airport Minsk check that you’ve got YOUR baggage. Check the number on the baggage tag with the number on the claim ticket on your boarding pass.



An important part of providing safety of your baggage while its transportation is wrapping it, which ensures safety of the contents when delivered to and from the aircraft to the terminal. All glass and fragile items, cans and bottles in the baggage should be properly wrapped.


It is highly recommended not to carry the following things in your baggage:

− money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware;

− identification documents, medical certificates, securities, business documents, technical documentation;

– medicines in limited quantities;

− electronic equipment (including photo and video equipment, computer equipment, data storage media);

− keys, glasses;

− brittle, fragile, breakable, perishable things, works of art, unique or irreplaceable items;

− fur goods, and other valuable items.


We recommend taking these items with you into the aircraft cabin as cabin baggage.