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The Centre of Professional training in the field of aviation security
in Minsk National Airport



The History of the Centre


Centre of professional training in the field of aviation security (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is an organization department of RUE «Minsk National Airport». The Centre was set up in February 2010 on basis of educational and methodological unit of the Aviation Security and regime Department. It was founded with a purpose of improving theoretical and practical training of the Aviation Security and regime Department’s officers, conducting studies for specialists of aviation and other organizations who are interested in acquiring practical skills of aviation security in conformity with the requirements of the government program of civil aviation security from unlawful interference’s acts and with the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


In July 2010 The Centre received a good rating of ICAO.



The Centre’s equipment


The Centre has the up-to-date material and technical base; it is appointed by necessary operational equipment, hardware, educational and visual supplies. practical aviation security check point has been modeled at the educational class. The check point is equipped by X-ray TV unit for hand luggage and baggage examination named «Linescan-231», stationary and manual radio-metal locators named «Metor-250», «Metor-28». practical training of aviation security verification procedures of passengers, their hand luggage and baggage, cargo and mail is held at the Centre. Special attention is devoted to tracking down weapons, explosives, improvised explosive devices, other objects and matters, which are illegal for taking on board.



Training at the Centre


Methodological recommendations on organizing personnel beginning instruction in the field of aviation security were confirmed according to the order № 667-C dated 23.12.2009 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus. The list of training courses was developed and adopted on basis of these methodological recommendations. At the end of the course trainee session and examination are held and the certificate is issued. Introducing amendments and additions to the course programme are possible if required. Furthermore some special courses can be split up into separate modules. The Center is staffed by qualified instructors and lecturers, whohavereceived iCAO certificates.


The training is oriented to personnel, who exercise:


    - control over passengers and their baggage on safety;
    - control over cargo, mail and on-board stores;
    - protection of the aircrafts and patrolling for the purpose of safety;
    - observation and poll of the passengers for the purpose of safety;
    - appropriate verification procedures by means of technical security equipment.