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Development strategy and prospects


The main development goals of RUE “National Airport Minsk” are the following:


1. Creating at National Airport Minsk a modern transit airport system (Hub) providing a high quality handling of passenger air travel and an increase in the volume of passengers and cargo transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

2. Enhancing the competitiveness of Minsk National Airport in comparison with the neighboring states’ airports.

3. Growing exports of aeronautical services, receiving maximum revenue volumes, including those in foreign currency, from aviation operations.

4. Developing non-aeronautical (non-core) activity types connected with rendering services to passengers and persons visiting the Airport.

5. Acquiring additional revenue volumes from non-aeronautical activity types necessary for further modernization, production technical equipping, carrying out repair works.

6. Compliance with international standards and requirements of ICAO, IATA, ISO, including their amendments.

7. Attraction foreign airlines to perform flights to Minsk National Airport, and creating conditions for the increase in transit traffic of “Belavia” National Airline basing in Minsk National Airport.

8. Developing the Airport infrastructure and landside area with the engagement of foreign business circles and investors to the implementation of particular projects.


In the furtherance of the objectives to be achieved, in 2019 it is necessary to implement a large-scale package of measures in order to develop the infrastructure of Minsk National Airport  and to renew the special vehicles park and technological equipment taking into account the need for providing a high level of quality and aviation security.


1. Reconstructing the operating Minsk National Airport air-terminal complex and creating on its basis an international passenger terminal, that will allow to provide the extension of the complex usable area and will create the conditions necessary for departing, arriving and connecting passengers handling, for transit area development, baggage handling, enhancing the range and quality of the services rendered to passengers, adopting modern technologies and service equipment, providing aviation security, monitoring and video surveillance.


2. Constructing additional aircraft parking places in order to create the necessary conditions for Minsk National Airport development and increase in flights to the Airport.