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Instruction for transfer passengers (except for those arriving from or departing to the Russian Federation, Armenia or Kazakhstan)


Citizens of the countries, who don’t need transit visa to the Republic of Belarus with boarding passes for the next flights (their baggage is registered to the destination point) can leave arrival area after passing all kinds of control. After boarding call for the flight these passengers need to get to security check points, pass customs and passport control and proceed to the departure gate indicated on boarding pass.


Citizens, who need to get a transit visa to the Republic of Belarus should go to the service area for transfer passengers on the 2nd floor. At this point they need to pass verification of travel documents, pre-flight security check, customs control and then they need to get to the departure area of international flights on the 3rd floor indicated on boarding pass.


Baggage of transfer passengers who is registered to the destination point is checked in handling area without passenger.


Baggage registered to Minsk should be provided for customs check by passenger in the arrival area after passing passport control and then register at the check-in desk (3rd floor of the departure area) to the destination point.