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Instruction for transfer passengers arriving from the Russian Federation, Armenia or Kazakhstan.


From the Russian Federation


There is no passport and customs control for passengers arriving to National Airport Minsk from airports of the Russian Federation.


Transfer passengers with boarding passes for the following international flights and with baggage registered to the destination point need to exit the arrival area of the Russian Federation flights (1st floor sector №5-6) and follow signs to the sector №1-4 (international flights). Then, passengers need to get to the 3rd floor to the departure area using elevator or escalator. Passengers with boarding passes should go to security check points, passport and customs control and to the departure gate.


If a transfer passenger baggage was registered to Minsk, passenger needs to claim baggage in the baggage claim area, and check it in at the check-in desk.



From Armenia and Kazakhstan


These are passengers of international flights with relevant handling requirements.


Citizens of Armenia and Kazakhstan, who do not need transit visa to the Republic of Belarus and who have boarding passes for the following flights (their baggage is registered to the destination point), can leave the arrival area after passing passport control. After boarding call for their flight, these passengers need to get to the security check point, pass customs and passport control and go to the boarding area.


If passengers want to get straight to the departure area from the arrival area, they need to go to transfer passengers’ area on the 2nd flood using elevator or stairs where they pass: verification of travel documents, pre-flight security check, customs control and then they need to get to the third floor to the boarding gate.